Dionysus, the Greek god of pleasure, prods us to ask how you find pleasure in architecture (or, how we create a design that enriches your soul, brings pleasure to your daily life, and encourages your dreams):

  • hearing the rain but staying dry under a roof
  • sliding a hand along a well-crafted wooden handrail
  • savoring your first winter’s utility bills     
  • taking a long bath while gazing at treetops
  • smelling natural finishes (or not smelling toxic finishes)
  • knowing we're doing our best to contribute rather than deplete the world’s resources
  • standing at the edge of a terrace while viewing mountains or city lights in the distance
  • finding a simple rhythm in the exposed framing of a ceiling
  • writing the last check to the mortgage company sooner than expected
  • hosting friends for a delicious meal together    

Our mission is to ennoble the human spirit, to generously care for the earth, and to find pleasure in the process of creation and collaboration. 



The development of a design must be a balance of our clients' desires with an appropriate budget and a timeline for design and construction.



Natural building combined with appropriate technological solutions can greatly reduce our impact on the planet while also enriching our connection to it. We utilize various checklists and rating systems for green building and team up with local experts to increase every project's sustainability.



Attention to beautiful and evocative materials and the way in which we combine them offers great opportunities for connection to strong craft traditions and for pleasure through seeing materials handled well.



Natural light defines our spaces as it changes throughout the day and into the night. The many qualities of light coming in from east, west, north, south, and above have the ability to ennoble our spirit.



Much attention is given to rooms; this value shifts the focus to space. Spatial continuity is what allows small rooms to feel larger or for us to connect with the outdoors fluidly. Places to be within spaces of movement balance our needs for comfort and protection with our desires for mystery and change.

photo credit: Photographer Hugh Holland c. 1995 'Laughing Dionysius'

photo credit: Photographer Hugh Holland c. 1995 'Laughing Dionysius'